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UK Licence PEDL 180, Wressle well test results

20 April 2015

Celtique Energie Petroleum Ltd (“Celtique”) note the February 2015 and March 2015 announcements from Egdon Resources (‘Egdon’) as operator of UK Licence PEDL 180 in East Lincolnshire (‘PEDL 180’) with respect to the Wressle-1 discovery (‘Wressle’).

The four tested intervals at Wressle resulted in total aggregate hydrocarbon recovered equivalent to 710 barrels of oil equivalent per day (‘boepd’).

  • Zone 1: the Ashover Grit - 80 bopd (39-40 degree API) and 47 thousand cubic feet of gas per day (‘mcfd’) free flow;
  • Zone 2: the Wingfield Flags - up to 182 bopd (39-40 degree API) and 0.456 million cubic feet of gas per day (‘mmcfd’) free flow;
  • Zone 3 of the Penistone Flags – equipment and flaring limit permit constrained free flow of up to 1.7 mmcfd and up to 12 bopd (35 degree API);
  • Zone 3a of the Penistone Flags - identified a 7.5 metre oil column below the gas leg of the upper part of the interval (Zone 3) and a total of 98.5 barrels of oil were recovered during testing, 34.3 of which were induced by swabbing operations - this equates to approximately 77 bopd. The oil is of good quality with a gravity of 33 degree API.

Down-hole pressure data recorded during testing and oil sample data recovered will be interpreted and integrated with the data to evaluate the permeability of the reservoirs and to determine the potential oil rates that could be achieved during pumping conditions. The results of the analyses will facilitate the design of the Extended Well Test (‘EWT’) programme necessary to quantify the production levels that could be attained from pumped production and inform field development options. The EWT is expected to commence in May 2015 for a period of two months.

Celtique has a 33.3% working interest in PEDL 180, alongside Joint Venture partners Egdon Resources (operator, 25%), Europa Oil and Gas (33.3%), Union Jack Oil (8.3%).

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