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Well site preparation commences at Broadford Bridge-1 well site

15 September 2014

Celtique Energie Weald Ltd (Celtique Energie) along with its joint investment partner Magellan Petroleum (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce that it has today (15th September 2014) begun construction of a temporary access road and well site on land to the west of the B2133 Adversane Lane, near Broadford Bridge, West Sussex.

Planning permission to erect a temporary drilling rig on the land was granted by West Sussex County Council in February 2013 and will enable Celtique to drill down to a depth of approximately 3km (10,000 feet) below ground level. Celtique will be using tried and tested methods of exploration that have been used in the UK for decades, in many surrounding oil and gas fields including Singleton and Storrington in West Sussex, and Wytch Farm in Dorset. As we have stated publically on a number of occasions, this is a conventional exploration well and this site will never undertake shale oil or shale gas hydraulic fracturing.

We expect this construction and preparatory work will take around six weeks to complete. Once the site has been fully prepared, the next phase of activity will involve the drilling rig being mobilised onto the site to start drilling the borehole. The timings for this stage have yet to be finalised due to commercial and logistical considerations and we will write to residents again at this time. We expect drilling to commence in winter 2014/spring 2015.

Celtique will continue to update nearby residents and relevant stakeholders as site construction progresses.

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