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About Celtique Energie

Q. Who are Celtique?

A. We are a British-based oil and gas exploration company that has been operating since 2004. The company is led by an experienced team who have worked in energy exploration and production for many years.

Q. How big is the company?

A. Celtique employs 30 members of full time staff and many long-standing consultants covering specialist areas.

Q. Where are you based?

A. Our head office is located in London, but we have local offices in each country where we have operations.

Q. How do you choose your sites?

A. Aside from being in the right area regarding the presence of resources, we also choose our sites based on the distance from nearby residences and the proximity of access roads and after environmental impact analysis such as study of specific animal or plant species, water supply, traffic, noise and community impact. We are committed to minimising the impact and disruption of our operations on the local community.

Q. What legislation will be regulating Celtique’s activity?

A. Europe possesses a strict regulatory framework governing onshore oil and gas exploration. All hydrocarbon exploration projects require planning permission from the local planning authority. This consent comes with a number of project-specific requirements including ecology studies and transportation, lighting and noise surveys. As well as national laws and regulation, our exploration will also be subject to strict EU environmental legislation and regulation.

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By committing to operating at the highest standards and working openly with local communities, we aim to give countries the means to develop their own resources