Celtique Energie

Operations in France

Licensing and planning

Geological studies carried out in France over the past decades have highlighted significant hydrocarbon resources in the sub-soil of several French regions.

Celtique currently has an equity share in one permit in Aquitaine.

The regulatory environment

In France, the process of obtaining an exploration permit is strictly regulated. Any permit application follows a long and rigorous process of evaluation and control.

Since Law No. 2011-835, section 1, 13 July 2011, exploration and mining of oil and gas drilling followed by hydraulic fracturing of the rock are prohibited on national territory.

The issuance of an exploration permit is subject to the joint supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Finance, and Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing.

Operations in France

Operations in France
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By committing to operating at the highest standards and working openly with local communities, we aim to give countries the means to develop their own resources