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Celtique Energie operations in Germany.
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Licence – Pillgram

The Pillgram Licence lies in southeastern Germany adjacent to the Polish Border in the western end of the South Permian basin, in which over 200tcf of gas has been discovered. The Licence was awarded to Celtique in July 2007 for an initial 5 year term and covers an area of 938 sq.kms.

Celtique operates the licence with a 100% interest.

The reservoir objective is Permian Zechstein carbonates deposited in both barrier and talus settings. The key to exploring for both objectives is the location of porosityin the barrier facies and talus deposits in a downslope setting, allowing the recognition of potential stratigraphic trapping opportunities. Thick overlying salts and anhydrites seal the interval. The organically rich oil prone Zechstein shales provide the source for the system. The area has been underexplored for a long period and the consequences of the large oil and gas discoveries in Poland have not been investigated fully. An oil discovery was made in the Main Dolomite in the Pilgram 2 well and 170 bbls of oil was recovered.

A secondary objective is the Permian Rotliegendes sands. The interval is sealed by thick overlying evaporites and is sourced by the underlying Carboniferous shales and coals. The trapping mechanism is block-faulted highs.

Subject to permitting approvals, Celtique plans to shoot new seismic.

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Licence Holder


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Zechstein Basin


Celtique Energie GmbH 100%


Jul 07


CE GmbH = Celtique Energie GmbH

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