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As an independent upstream Exploration and Production (E&P) company, Celtique seeks to create value through building a portfolio of assets focused on onshore Europe. We adopt state of the art technical approaches to define viable oil and gas prospects by combining existing and newly acquired data and drilling and developing new resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

This European geographic focus helps the company to anticipate opportunities and respond to changes in the operating and economic environment as well as capitalising on its extensive network of contacts and relationships.

Our relationships with national and local authorities, oil and gas companies, key service providers and stakeholders, built up over several decades, provide a competitive edge and have enabled Celtique to build up an extensive and attractive portfolio of acreage.

This portfolio contains both undeveloped discoveries, material shale gas and shale oil positions and high impact exploration prospects. It is also diversified, with exposure to different, and attractive, fiscal regimes and a mixture of both oil and gas exploration targets.

We seek to balance our investments between appraisal and development assets and higher risk exploration. By attracting partners to share our costs, we are diversifying our risk while maintaining a substantial exposure to high impact exploration.

Celtique Energie
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