Operations in Poland

Celtique Energie operations in Poland.
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Concessions – 243 and Laski

Celtique’s Polish concessions lie in the southwest of the country adjacent to the German Border.

The concessions lie in the western end of the South Permian basin in which over 200tcf of gas has been discovered.

The 243 concession was awarded to Celtique in October 2007 for an initial 5 year term, whilst the Laski concession was awarded in August 2008 for an initial 6-year term.

Licence Summary



Licence Holder


Award Date

Size (sq.kms)

Zechstein Basin


Celtique Energie Poland Sp. z. o.o.100%

CE Poland

Aug 08


Zechstein Basin

Block 243

Celtique Energie Poland Sp. z. o.o. 100%

CE Poland

Oct 07


CE Poland = Celtique Energie Poland Sp. z. o.o.

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