Operations in Switzerland

Celtique Energie operations in Switzerland.
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Neuchâtel Permit

Neuchâtel (803 sq.kms) lies in northwest Switzerland, in the Jura Region. The acreage contains the very large Cygne Blanc structural prospect. The exclusive licence position was awarded in October 2008. The prospect lies on the same geological trend as the La Chandelière oil discovery.

Celtique has a 100% operated interest in Neuchâtel.

The reservoir objective is Triassic Bunter Sands which are thick and porous in nearby wells. A very effective top seal to the reservoir is provided by the overlying thick Triassic salts and anhydrites. The organically rich oil prone lacustrine shales of the Permian Autunian interval are the source of the La Chandelière oil. In Switzerland the source rocks are thought to have entered the gas window.

The very large Cygne Blanc structural prospect has a mapped areal closure of up to 93 sq.kms. Mean recoverable reserves of 720 bcf with potential upside 1,300 bcf have been estimated. Subject to well permitting approval, Celtique plan to drill an exploration well to test the Bunter sand.

Vallorbe Licence

The 802 sq.kms Vallorbe Licence lies in northwest Switzerland, immediately to the southwest of the Neuchâtel Permit. It was awarded to Celtique Energie Ltd in May 2006.

Celtique has a 100% operated interest in the licence.

The exploration objective in the area is Triassic Bunter Sands, which in nearby wells are thick and porous. The overlying thick Triassic salts and anhydrites seal the reservoir. The numerous oil and gas seeps in the area show that a very active petroleum system exists.

A full evaluation of the existing seismic data in the area is underway.

Licence Summary



Licence Holder


Award Date

Size (sq.kms)


Leman Vallorbe

Celtique Energie Ltd 100%


May 06




Celtique Energie Neuchatel SA 100%


Mar 08


CEL = Celtique Energie Ltd, CEPL = Celtique Energie Petroleum Ltd

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