Celtique Energie Aims

Celtique Energie was created to explore in proven oil and gas basins in Europe with the aim of generating profit for its shareholders and local stakeholders through hydrocarbon development. This also helps to create local employment and contributes to the improved security of oil and gas supply within Europe through generating indigenous economic reserves.

The entrepreneurial approach of the management and key personnel, who have significant global oil and gas industry expertise, allows the identification and exploitation of this resource within established onshore Europe petroleum provinces. The company is able to identify both smaller bypassed oil and gas accumulations and significant new large prospects where limited exploration has occurred in the last 20 years.

The company has already acquired new seismic and is actively planning significant new seismic acquisitions and an exploratory and appraisal drilling campaign over the next few years, and this is expected to lead to oil and gas production and establishing a valuable reserves base.

Celtique operates a number of licences onshore in Europe and also invests as a non operator with companies where synergies exist. Owing to its high equity interests in licences (we hold 100% equity in some licences), we have farmin opportunities, and seek partners to invest alongside Celtique, in some of our licences.

Celtique Energie
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