Celtique Energie Background

Seed capital was provided by management and several UK shareholders backed by an additional $US50 million capital from a US Private Equity fund, Avista Capital Partners in 2006. In March 2011 this equity commitment was increased by Avista together with a substantial European family investment office to provide an additional equity commitment up to $100 million.

Celtique is an onshore European exploration company, and since its foundation in 2006 has built a wide spread of acreage in proven basins, including several significant discoveries and many material size prospects:

  • 19 licences - all located onshore in Europe (typically 3 to 5 years duration, with flexible terms for renewal or extension)
  • 14 of these licences are operated by Celtique
  • All acreage lies in areas with proven petroleum systems
  • Broad spread of acreage with activity in 6 countries giving a diversified portfolio, for both technical and fiscal risk.
  • Material unconventional shale gas and shale oil positions in two areas.
  • Portfolio of exploration and appraisal projects and undeveloped discoveries of both oil and gas.
  • Extensive digital database from heritage data acquired by Majors and State companies has been enhanced through seismic reprocessing, modern well log analyses and the acquisition of new seismic data.
  • Seeking to expand the onshore Europe portfolio with new licence applications and acquisitions or partial swaps.

Celtique Energie
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