Celtique Energie

Water protection

Celtique is committed to ensuring that the highest levels of safety and environmental protection are meticulously designed into every aspect of its operations.

Our drilling process will be managed by an experienced team. It will take place over several separate stages to ensure that it is done safely and to avoid any contamination with groundwater. As with all other gas and oil operators, Celtique’s operations will be regulated by the respective country authorities, who will undertake regular inspections of the site.

At the surface, we will put a thick, impermeable membrane in place to ensure that any drilling fluids from vehicles or surface equipment are prevented from coming into contact with the earth below the site. The retained liquids will be either used to build new drilling fluid or safely stored and trucked to an approved waste disposal site. In the event that any other unforeseen minor spills occur, ‘spill kits’ will also be available on site.

A well will be drilled in several sections with reduced bore sizes as the drill bit goes deeper. At the end of every section, the borehole will be supported by steel casing with threaded connections which will be run all the way to bottom of the hole from surface and cemented in place. The combination of casing and cement acts as a robust barrier to protect the aquifers near the surface from well fluids or hydrocarbons. Drilling resumes once the cement sets, in the knowledge that the cased off section of the well is isolated and stable.

Fast fact

Celtique ensures freshwater aquifers are isolated by steel casing that is cemented into place and then tested before drilling further.

By committing to operating at the highest standards and working openly with local communities, we aim to give countries the means to develop their own resources