Celtique Energie

The exploration process

A: conventional reservoirs, where the oil and gas are found in porous rocks (C); B: unconventional resources, where gas is extracted from the mature source rock (D)

Celtique's focus is on 'conventional' reservoirs which is where the oil and natural gas are found in porous rocks. These hydrocarbons have migrated from their origin in organic rich shales to porous rocks where the fluids have been trapped by natural seals to form a reservoir.

For the industry, the application of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing ("fracing") technology to the extraction of hydrocarbons from source rocks (shales) has opened a huge potential resource worldwide. These have become known as unconventional resources. While Celtique is primarily interested in conventional resources, the potential of unconventional resources should not be ignored. In the areas where the geology is suitable, and the law permits, Celtique's aim is to aquire data, such as cores, from its conventional wells to help understand this resource.