Celtique Energie

Field development plan

In the event of a discovery, two courses of action are possible. If enough information about the reservoir has been gained from the discovery well we would submit a Field Development Plan to the appropriate national and local agencies for approval. This document would detail our understanding of the geology of the field, the proposed well locations, the amount of hydrocarbons estimated to be in place, and the infrastructure required to process and export the reserves.

If the Field Development Plan is approved, the necessary production pipework and treatment facilities would be put in place and production export would be via a pipeline or, in the case of oil with low production, trucking of the oil from site.

The second course of action takes place if there remains insufficient understanding of the reservoir after the discovery well. In this case, additional information would be acquired through either extended well testing or through the drilling of appraisal wells at other locations to evaluate the extent of the reservoir. If these prove successful, then a field development plan is prepared as described above.

By committing to operating at the highest standards and working openly with local communities, we aim to give countries the means to develop their own resources