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Broadford Bridge Waste Management Permit Application

As required by UK environmental regulations, in April2014 Celtique submitted an application for a Waste Management Permit to the UK Environmental agency (EA). The permit application only covers the drilling of a well (designated Broadford Bridge-1) at the site. In the event that hydrocarbons are discovered, subsequent testing will be the subject of a separate permit application and further engagement with the local community.

This Broadford Bridge-1 borehole is a conventional exploration well similar to many others already drilled in West Sussex in recent decades and will not, at any stage, involve hydraulic fracturing of shales.

As part of its approval process, the EA will manage a 4 week public consultation of this permit application. However, to maximise transparency, permit information is also included on the Celtique web site as follows:

Non-Technical Summary (HSEC-BB-PD-02) A high level overview, in layman’s terms, of the permit documentation.

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Environmental Method Statement(HSEC-BB-PD-01) Describes the proposed drilling operation and the controls in place to protect the environment.

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Site Condition and Management & Monitoring Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-03) Provides information on the current site conditions and describes the Surface Water  and Noise Monitoring Plans which will be implemented prior to, during and after operations.

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Waste Management Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-04) Describes the arrangements in place for waste management, prevention & reduction and lists the risk assessments carried out by the company to demonstrate that the Broadford Bridge-1 borehole poses no significant risk to the environment and that the works do not constitute a groundwater activity.

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Waste Management Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-04) Appendix 1

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Waste Management Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-04) Appendix 2

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Waste Management Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-04) Appendix 2A

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Waste Management Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-04) Appendix 2B

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Waste Management Plan (HSEC-BB-PD-04) Appendix 2C

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Regarding The Sun newspaper article dated Tuesday 20 August 2013

An article headlined ‘FRACK & RUIN”, published in The Sun newspaper on Tuesday 20 August 2013, suggests that Celtique Energie plans to use hydraulic fracturing at its Broadford Bridge site near Billinghurst, West Sussex.
We would like to use this opportunity to highlight the erroneous nature of this article and reaffirm the correct proposals. We have contacted The Sun to inform them of the misinformation reported and have asked for the article to be retracted.
Celtique’s proposals for the Broadford Bridge site, approved by West Sussex County Council’s Planning Committee on 5 February 2013, is for a conventional exploration well using tried and tested drilling methods that have been used in West Sussex for a number of decades.
The target reservoir for Celtique Energie’s well at Broadford Bridge is the Triassic sandstone. This is a conventional [non-shale] reservoir anticipated to contain oil or gas, and the rock is sufficiently permeable that the oil or gas should flow naturally into the well from the reservoir. Therefore Celtique Energie can guarantee that it will not be using hydraulic fracturing on this well. Furthermore it has provided written correspondence to West Sussex County Council to this effect prior to its granting of planning permission.

The details of Celtique's planning application can be viewed using the reference number WSCC/052/12/WC on the West Sussex County Council website here: www.westsussex.gov.uk/planning.
For any enquiries please contact Celtique’s dedicated community information line (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) 0800 023 2148 or email [email protected]



Application Process

In August 2012, Celtique submitted a planning application to West Sussex County Council to construct a temporary well site on a remote piece of land near the village of Broadford Bridge, West Sussex. The application would allow Celtique to test for the presence of commercially viable oil or gas reserves in the area.

The submission of the application followed a comprehensive programme of community engagement by Celtique Energie, which saw approximately 155 people attend a two-day public consultation event in Billingshurst, West Sussex, in June. The proposals were approved by West Sussex County Council’s Planning Committee on 5 February 2013.

The information that was made available at the June 2012 public consultation can be found below.


Exhibition Boards

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The timing of the well and associated preparation will depend on rig availability and other operational considerations. As part of our commitment to being open and transparent, we will continue to keep members of the public fully updated regarding the progress of our operations.

For any enquiries please contact Celtique’s dedicated community information line (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) 0800 023 2148 or email [email protected]

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